About the Artist


Greetings and hello. My name is Catherine, and I am a digital artist and photographer based in Northern Nevada. I strive to tell stories through decorative, historical, and inspirational artwork. My goal is to engage my viewer’s imaginations, getting them to linger a little longer picking out a detail or a story in one of my pieces. Stories, histories, fantasies from childhood, over-the-top cinema, art history, literature, and music with clever lyrics are all my inspirations. Second only to creating art, I am inspired by my travels around the world, and I incorporate much of my original photography in my pieces. In my world, the smallest thing may trigger what I call my overactive imagination. Each piece is ultimately true to the courageous and tenacious woman I strive to be.


“Life for me revolves around the joyous, playful, intense, intentional, and relentless creative process.”



Catharsis: Self Portrait (above)

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright Catherine King

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