Many pieces are available as fine art prints with choice of matting and frames, stretched canvas, acrylic, metal prints, greeting cards and tote bags, and may be ordered from this website. Don't see what you're looking for? Please contact me directly at


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Recently, I have become excited by the prospect of incorporating AI-generated images from Mid Journey into my own artwork by compositing characters that 'appear' via text-based artificial intelligence prompts. I was featured in the 5th Photoshop Virtual Summit session -"Proper Use of AI in Digital Artistry," by Sebastian Michaels, showing how the creative process can use AI generated images in conjunction with original elements.


The characters in my Sellfy portfolio are available for copyright-free use along with backgrounds, brushes and other elements tied to the theme allowing an artist to create entire environments to tell their own stories.

At the Circus
Roaring 20's
Renaissance Jesters
Day of the Dead
Out West
Woodland Fantasy
Ageless Steampunk
Year of the Dragon
Shattered and Revival
Moulin Rouge

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