PEOPLE  PROJECT - Artown for Midtown

This book is a collection of digital canvases interpreting an urban art project - the People Project. Midtown Reno, Nevada, is a vibrant, and eclectic community with a unique, inclusive point of view. During the month of July, the entire city becomes ‘Artown' and over 50 life-size statues, painted by local artists, blended with the more animated human community, and populated the cafe’s, shops, tattoo parlors, and yoga studios of Midtown. This collection of digital art reflects the world seen through their eyes in
50 beautifully reproduced pieces - softcover. Also available as eBook for iPad.




Beginning to Fly
Bertha (the Moon and Stars)
Fallen from Grace
Waldorf Goddess
Becomming a Woman
You're the Last Chance Pony
Home means Nevada
Vintage Garden Fairy

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright Catherine King

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